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Pendarvis New Release:

Another World: Ballet Lessons from Appalachia

After five years of intense research and thoughtful writing, Jesse Stuart Foundation Board Member Edwina Pendarvis has published “Another World: Ballet Lessons from Appalachia.”

This boundary-crossing book views ballet through the eyes of twenty-four Appalachian women — most from the Tri-State area — who began their ballet lessons in childhood. 

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The Book Woman’s Daughter

For those who loved “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek,” author Kim Michele Richardson offers another fine evocation of the often cruel conditions of rural Appalachia in the last century and a powerful portrait of the courageous women there who fought against ignorance, misogyny, and racial prejudice. Steeped in an intimate knowledge of the traditions and lore of the region and written with a loving eye to the natural [...]

By |June 2, 2023|Categories: Appalachia, James M. Gifford|

Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans

In the spring of 1781, during the American war for independence from Great Britain, redcoat troops arrived in upland Carolina and brought terror to Elizabeth Jackson and her sons. Elizabeth’s youngest son, Andrew, though barely fourteen years of age, hated their presence—and quickly learned just how costly the fight for liberty could be. On April 9, Andy and his brother, Robert, two years older, joined a battle to defend [...]

By |May 30, 2023|Categories: Appalachia, James M. Gifford|

Dark Journey: Donner-Reed party left an indelible imprint on our national imagination

Throughout the 1700s and 1800s, Americans were afflicted with a case of what John Steinbeck called “westering and westering.” During the early 1840s, two specific accounts focused the attention of restless Americans on the far West. John C. Fremont led a U.S. Army Survey Expedition, exploring first the Oregon Trail area and then the Pacific Coast region. The published account of Fremont’s expedition was widely read and served to [...]

One-room schools in Eastern Kentucky

From colonial beginnings until early in the twentieth century, one-room schools played an important role in Eastern Kentucky education. These tiny schools that dotted the hills and valleys were, collectively, a salvation to a region recovering from the Civil War and, later, the Great Depression. In the nineteenth century, makeshift schools were located within walking distance of a few families who could pay the teacher. By the early twentieth [...]

Images of America: Greenup County (A Pictorial History)

Greenup County, located in northeast Kentucky, lies approximately halfway between Ashland, Kentucky, and Portsmouth, Ohio. It is a land of wooded hills and clear, fast-moving streams that empty into the Ohio River, which forms the county’s northern border. The land surface ranges from rich river bottoms to rolling hills with beautiful forests of oak, maple, hickory, ash, and pine covering veins of coal and iron ore.  It is home [...]


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