James M. Gifford

Naomi Deane Stuart

“A perfect woman, nobly planned . . .” —William Wordsworth Jesse Stuart and Naomi Deane Norris met as Greenup High School students in the mid-1920s. When Deane saw Jesse, a “timid-looking new boy from the country,” she was unimpressed with his patched sweaters and [...]

“The Thread That Runs So True” treasured by teachers throughout the world

Beginning in 1937, a new book had been tumbling around in Jesse Stuart’s head. It was a book about education—a personal testimony to the teaching profession. In 1948, he finished the book, and it was published the following year. “The Thread That Runs So [...]

Adventure story, biography, western, history fitting labels for “Simon Kenton, Kentucky Scout”

Adventure story, biography, western, history, “Simon Kenton, Kentucky Scout” fits all these descriptions. Its vivid, intense language tells the story of Kentucky’s exploration and settlement through the life of the young frontiersman. Kenton was born April 3, 1755, in Fauquier County, Virginia, the son [...]

Dark Journey: Donner-Reed party left an indelible imprint on our national imagination

Throughout the 1700s and 1800s, Americans were afflicted with a case of what John Steinbeck called “westering and westering.” During the early 1840s, two specific accounts focused the attention of restless Americans on the far West. John C. Fremont led a U.S. Army Survey [...]


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