For more than four decades, the Jesse Stuart Foundation has been preserving the human and literary legacy of one of America’s most popular and influential writers.  We have published more than 155 books, keeping Stuart’s books in print while also advancing the works of other Kentucky and Appalachian writers. With support from friends like you, the JSF has made important literature available to several generations of readers.

As we prepare for 2024, we are asking our friends to help us reprint two important books.

  1. God’s Oddling, The Story of Mick Stuart, My Father, a long-out-of-print biography by Jesse Stuart
  2. The Frontiersmen, a hardcover edition of Allan W. Eckert’s most popular book.

Or, we also need funds to support a Writers Workshop that we plan to host for the first time in 2024. The Writers Workshop will become one of our most significant outreach events, and we need funds to pay for a Keynote Speaker and other instructional personnel and materials.

To make your gift online, please follow the link below to our Donation Page. If you prefer to support a specific book project or the Writers Workshop, write your preference in the “notes” section during your donation checkout process. You will be recognized in a list of donors in the new edition unless you prefer not to be acknowledged, or you will be recognized as a Sponsor in the Writers Workshop program.

Without the assistance of our friends, the JSF will not be able to reprint these important books or initiate this very important new project.


James M. Gifford, Ph.D.
JSF CEO & Senior Editor